About Cozies

In my early 20’s I left my home in the country and started working and living a hectic city life. For the first time I began to adore any free evening or downtime at home. Locked away and recharging from everyday stresses, which ultimately became a luxury. Still now, whether it’s 7p.m. or 11p.m. when I arrive home, I drop my handbag and instantly change into something more relaxing and reassuring.  
Evenings and all those precious downtimes in-between should be all about us; making us feel and look effortless. We all obsess each morning and debate our outfit of choice so why should we sacrifice our nighttime style? Style isn’t just about looking good – it’s about feeling confident, content and embracing our femininity.
As a few years passed and I became more confident with my new ‘grown-up’ style I set out to discover luxe sleepwear brands that tailored for this; in soft, relaxed fabrics. But, each time I hit a wall… they weren’t accessible! This, as all girls know, is incredibly frustrating… that moment you stand in a shiny white store gazing up at that “I MUST HAVE” piece – only to blush with embarrassment and discreetly back away once you’ve spotted the huge price tag!

For me, luxury should be faithful, classic and beautiful and, now, I want to make it more accessible.
Cozies is a new luxurious, understated and chic nightstyle brand with core pastel tones running throughout for that relaxed feminine appearance.  A brand for grown-up girls, which offers elegance with substance and a fresh sense of style. Cozies is perfectly timeless but, more importantly, an absolute dream to wear.
We won’t do anything else except make you feel and look effortless. So go ahead and enjoy our new sleepwear range and celebrate your everynight luxury.